Impact Parent Education is a quality online education program offering Minnesota parenting classes. Complete your court ordered parenting classes with our stress-free Minnesota parent education program. These court approved parenting classes meet and exceed the legislative requirements set by the Minnesota Supreme Court. Learn to make co-parenting less stressful on you and your children. If you need a Minnesota course for parents that is easy, simple and fast then you have come to the right place.

Court approved parenting classes

The cost of our straightforward program is an all inclusive, onetime payment of $60. There are no hidden extras and the price includes the required certificate for the courts. To get started go to the login here. Once you have created your account you will be asked to pay the fee through PayPal.

You do non’t need a PayPal account to make payment. You can use almost any credit or debit card.
If you have any problems making payment just drop us a line and we will sort it out for you.

Get started immediately after payment! Our Minnesota parenting classes consist of a set of modules. Watch the video classes and complete the modules. When you complete all the modules you will receive your certificate. It’s that easy! The classes are suitable for everyone and you can also go through the program entirely at your own pace. If you want you can complete the whole program in just a few hours.

“Our Minnesota Parenting Classes are Easy, Fast & Affordable”

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Successful Co-Parenting Strategies

To find out more about Impact Parent Education (IPE) please visit our ‘About‘ page. To learn more about the course and see answers to FAQs visit the ‘Parent Education‘ page.

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Parenting Strategies

Court-Approved Parent Education

Impact Parent Education is a resource for parents.  Online learning is private and convenient and it can also be easy and pleasant.  This course uses audio, visual, and also printable materials to provide you with personable, practical, and easy online learning.

Gain a better understanding of how the court system works. Learn to work more efficiently with your attorney to save time and consequently litigation expense. Discover successful co-parenting strategies.  Learn more

Impact Parent Education

Divorce & Parenting Time Mediation

Alternative dispute resolution processes, such as mediation or Early Neutral Evaluation, can bring faster results at less cost.  This therefore lessens stress on parents.

Parents know best what their children need, and when parents find peaceful solutions children are happier and healthier.

Impact Parent Education are dedicated to sharing all the knowledge and experience we have gained over many years.  Learn more

Impact Parent Education

Resources and Articles

This is where you will find helpful articles on parenting time, divorce, and co-parenting and also learn how you can lessen the effects of parental conflict on children!

The better you understand the bigger picture the more you will gain from our Minnesota parenting classes.

We will add more articles in the future to build a useful library of practical information to help everyone going through this difficult adjustment  Learn more