10 Co-Parenting Tips to Help Your Child Thrive

10 Co-Parenting Tips to Help Your Child Thrive These 10 tips will help parents think through co-parenting decisions and make agreements that will help your children thrive because they feel secure and confident. 1. Agree on a parenting time schedule. Restore your child’s sense of security by setting up a regular parenting time schedule. This will decrease the anxieties a child feels upon family transitions. Never place parenting time discussions upon the shoulders of a child.  If you have a teen with strong opinions, listen to them.  [...]

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The AARC Principle: Building a Bridge of Connection for Children

How can parents overcome past conflict and begin a road to peace for children? The road to peaceful co-parenting begins with two things: respect for the right of one another to have a relationship with their children, and a willingness to work together so children can thrive. Children need a degree of consistency between the two households. They need parents that can put feelings aside so children can live in peace between the two separate households in which they live. The ability of parents to give these [...]

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12 Effective Shared Parenting Strategies to Help You and Your Child Thrive

Here are 12 simple strategies to help you develop an effective shared parenting strategy that will greatly benefit everyone - and especially your children. 1. Agree on a parenting time schedule, times for phone calls and other types of communication between parent and child. Make parenting time with your children a priority. Be sure you follow through and be there when you say you will be there and be on time. Your children will get a message that you don’t care and it is unfair for the [...]

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