Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2023-04-07T18:10:23+01:00


General FAQs

Are all parent education courses the same?2023-03-28T12:14:34+01:00

There are differences in style and content, but all courses have the same legislative topics requirements. Different providers teach differently. The Impact Parent Education course is comprised of short videos, lectures, and printable materials and resources.

Is the time commitment the same for all online parent education courses?2021-11-25T11:04:59+00:00

Depending on the structure of the course, time commitments will vary.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of in-person and online Parent Education?2023-03-28T12:15:56+01:00

In-person takes more time and requires parents to drive to classes.  Online Parent Education is convenient and can be taken anywhere and anytime.

What are the benefits of attending parent education?2023-03-28T12:16:47+01:00

Parent education helps parents understand the legal processes and work more efficiently with professionals involved in their cases, which saves parents money and the courts’ time. There is evidence that it decreases repeated future court hearings, too.

What are the topics covered in a Parent Education course?2023-03-28T12:17:26+01:00

Topics include, but are not limited to, the legal process, court terms, court hearings, custody terminology, court procedures, child support, rights of parentage, Alternative Dispute Resolution methods, and domestic violence; Parenting considerations, such as parenting time, alienation, communication, conflict resolution, impacts of parental conflict, emotional support for children, and blended family challenges; Conflict resolution, communication, stages of grief, relationship breakup, letting go, and moving forward.

What does parent education do?2021-11-25T11:02:15+00:00

Parent education does not teach parents to parent. It empowers parents to co-parent effectively and make child-centered decisions before and after the court case ends.

What is parent education for divorce or separation?2021-11-25T11:03:55+00:00

Parent education provides information and support to divorcing, separated, and unmarried parents.

Why do the courts order parent education?2023-03-28T12:18:16+01:00

Courts order parents into the program because parent education effectively reduces litigation costs and encourages a vital working relationship between parents for the sake of children.

FAQs about the Impact Parent Education Program

Are there printable materials provided by the Impact Parent Education Program?2023-03-28T12:18:54+01:00

Yes, the course provides a full-color 80-page Parent Education E-Book with co-parenting resources. There is a section on how to provide support for children by age group, suggestions for parenting plans and parenting time schedules, and resources to improve child-centered communication between parents.

Does Impact Parent Education require special internet or computer skills?2023-03-28T12:19:30+01:00

No, the course is easy to navigate and there is no need for special internet connections.

How do I get my Certificate of Completion?2023-03-28T12:20:05+01:00

The Impact Parent Education course provides an immediately downloadable certificate, that can be printed, and an electronic copy can be forwarded to your attorney.

How do I register for the Impact Parent Education course?2023-04-07T18:15:31+01:00

Click the registration button, enter your information, pay for the course with the credit card of your choice, and set up your account so you can enter the course as many times as you need.

** Please be sure your email address is correct and you write down your password for repeated access to your course.  Also, please use the name listed on your court order with the correct capitalization so your Certificate of Completion is correct.  The system uses your name as listed on your online registration.

How long does it take to complete the Impact Parent Education course?2023-03-28T12:23:33+01:00

Approximately five hours.

Is Impact Parent Education the same program as Impact-based Parent Education for Divorce and Separating Parents?2023-03-28T12:24:18+01:00

Yes, it is the same. The name of the course was simplified to Impact Parent Education.

Is the Impact Parent Education for Divorce and Separating Parents approved by the Minnesota courts?2023-03-28T12:24:50+01:00

The Impact Parent Education program is approved by the Minnesota Supreme Court and meets all statutory requirements.

What are the topics in the Impact Parent Education Program?2021-11-25T11:13:04+00:00
  • Legal matters include court hearings and procedures, custody, divorce financial considerations, child support, Alternative Dispute Resolution methods, domestic violence, and divorce financial considerations.
  • Parenting matters include parenting time, parental conflict, child-centered decision-making, loyalty conflicts and alienation, decreasing competition between parents, addressing the emotional needs of children, and blended family challenges.
  • Parental topics include conflict resolution, communication, stress reduction, how grief stages of divorce differ from other grief processes, and suggestions to help manage the emotions that are part of the healing process.
What do I do with my Certificate of Completion?2021-11-25T11:12:14+00:00

Keep a printed and electronic copy for future reference.  Forward a copy of the certificate to your attorney, if you have retained one. If you do not have an attorney, provide a copy to the court administration office where you case is filed.  If you are completing online dissolution documents, attach a copy of the Certificate of Completion to your Joint Petition.

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