Court Approved Parent Education Classes

Minnesota courts require that parents involved in litigation over children must attend one of the court approved Minnesota parent education programs. Impact Parent Education (IPE) for Separating and Divorcing Parents meets all requirements for Minnesota online parent education that is court ordered under Minnesota statute 518.157. Parenting classes for court compliance can be stressful. We therefore designed our Minnesota online parent education programs to help you achieve the required certificate with as little stress as possible. Furthermore learning online is private and can be done at your own pace.

Impact Parent Education Program FAQs

How much do the parent education programs cost?

The course is $60.  Registration is easy and payment is secure using Parent Education Programs - Stripe or  Parent Education Programs - PayPal. Either payment method offers a secure and simplified checkout.

How long will the course take?

Take the course at your own pace using your email for login and your secure password.  The course will require a total of about 4 hours.

Are you ready to register?

When you register, check the spelling of your email address and write down the password you wish to use.  This gives you access to the course whenever you wish.

Be sure you register using the name you want generated on your Certificate of Completion.  This should be the same the same name on your parent education court order document.


Can I use a mobile device? (Android tablet, iPad or mobile phone)

Yes, the parenting course is completely mobile device friendly.

What topics are in the parent education classes?

There are 25 legislatively required topics, which includes, but are not limited, to the following:

  • Roles of courts, attorneys, and legal professionals
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution processes (ENE and mediation)
  • Child support and financial responsibilities of parents; organization for divorce
  • Responsibilities of unmarried parents
  • Domestic violence
  • Support for children by age group and providing emotional support for children
  • Alienation, preventing loyalty conflicts in children, effect of preventing parenting time or parental relationship
  • Managing parenting time and how to agree upon a parenting time schedule that works for parents and children
  • Learning effective communication responses
  • The effect of parental conflict on children
  • Child-centered decision-making
  • Understanding legal and physical custody
  • Understanding relationship breakup and moving forward into effective co-parenting, etc.

How do I get my Certificate of Completion?

The program has an automated certification process. When you register spell your name correctly because this is the name that will show on your certificate. Parents either file their ‘Certificate of Completion‘ where their case has originated or forward the certificate to their attorney.  Print a copy of your certificate for your files and also keep a copy of your electronic certificate.

Parents with a court approved signed ‘In Forma Pauperis Order’

Do you have a court approved, signed ‘In Forma Pauperis Order’? If so you are eligible for a fee reduction of 50% on our parent education programs and you can use the contact form to make this request. Please verify the signed court order showing the name of the registrant parent so that we can apply the reduction. Contact us here.

Register for court-approved Parent Education

Reviews for Impact Parent Education Programs

“I liked that the course was very relevant and it kept the information flowing without getting monotonous or boring or overwhelming. Lots of common sense! The handbook is chock full of great information.” (Sarah L. July of 2016)

Our kids are doing quite well, considering the circumstances. They are both very loved and have so far talked openly about the upcoming divorce.  To make things easier, I need to stay focused on the kids and our future, and stop getting so caught up in the process we’re going through.  (Erick J. August 2017)