Preparing for Mediation Checklist

Here’s the information you need to gather in preparation for your meeting with your mediator.

  1. Proof of income (This may include a letter of salary, pay stub with hourly wage, 1099 or two years’ tax returns)
  2. Proof of 401K or other retirement current statements
  3. Letter of proof of pension and value
  4. List of year, make, model and approximately value and loan balance statements of vehicles, including recreational boats, 4-wheels, snowmobiles, RV’s, motorcycles
  5. Real Estate: Full property description (from mortgage or deed and not from a tax statement), when the property was purchased and whose names are listed on the deed, mortgage or equity loan balances
  6. Make a list of any outstanding debts and balances
  7. If there will be a request for spousal support, both parties please be prepared with basic monthly expense budgets
  8. Balances on all cash, checking or savings accounts
  9. Health and dental insurance information for children and parents
  10. Proof of childcare expenses (yearly)

Choosing a Mediator

There are some things to take into consideration before choosing a mediator. Choose an experienced mediator in the area of expertise you need.

There are attorney mediators and non-attorney mediators.  Attorney mediators might be a wise choice if there are business assets or complicated real estate transactions.

However, if your issues are coordinating parenting time, custody, or communication issues between parents, an attorney mediator may not be the best choice. Choose a mediator trained in parenting coordination and relationship dynamics.

Fees for mediation vary with the mediation provider’s policies.  Even when you are court ordered into mediation, fees for services will be required.

Divorce Mediation

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