Why do courts require parent education?

Courts require parents to attend a parent education course when in litigation involving children. While you might not appreciate the requirement, it is a resource that is helpful.

It is best for parents to follow through on their court order, take one of the court-approved parent education courses, receive their Certificate of Completion, and keep it for future reference if there is a problem with co-parenting in the future.

How much is a Parent Education Course?

Courses are reasonably priced, but they do vary.  Generally, they are about $75 – $100. The Impact Parent Education course is $72.

What does Parent Education teach?

Multiple topics are covered, but the general categories are (1) legal issues; (2) co-parenting; (3) parenting time, (4) communication, (5) conflict resolution; (5) emotional support for children; (6) emotional support for parents, and (7) Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Why do courts require parent education?

How are parent education courses approved?

The topic criteria are legislatively mandated. Once the course is reviewed and approved, it is listed as an approved course on the parent education order for your county or district. Impact Parent Education is an approved course for the State of Minnesota.

Why should I attend a parent education course?

It is always wise to follow through on the court order, but I suggest attending the Impact Parent Education program for different reasons.

“It helps parents be more equipped to work with the courts and legal system, allows parents to resolve issues sooner and place the legalities behind them, and it better equips parents to provide the best support possible to their children when raising their children apart.”

Lois Warner
Mediation Works North, LLC
Impact Parent Education for Divorce and Separating Parents